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A Little More About De Anza Escrow!

De Anza Escrow is a Broker owned non-independent escrow company. It evolved out of Mission Escrow, which no longer exists, however, Jim and I own the name. Jim Booth, I, and a third individual bought Realty Executives in Semptember of 2008. The third partner is nno longer involved; Jim and I own the company.

I was invited to purchase the company by the two previous owners. They were two highly respected and celebrated businesswomen, having started the company in 1990. I knew I could not do it and run it myself, so I invited Jim and the third individual to participate. That purchase included Mission Escrow. Both Jim nand I have worked at Realty Executives as Agents since before the turn of the century. I was also the assistant manager of the company. During early double-aught years, we had about 160 Agents in four different locations. The Redlands location was right across the street from Dr. Streeter's Orange Tree Lane vacant property.

To keep our Real Estate Company alive during the unimaginably tough times of 2009, 2010, and 2011, we were forced to pare our company to its bare bones. Mission Escrow had to go. When we made the decision to repoen an Escrow Company, we decided to use a name closely associated Historically with our community; hence "De Anza." Most, but not all of our staff had moved on in life, so that also made the new name appropriate and fresh.

Our senior Escrow has twenty-seven years experience in escrow. She has worked for title company Escrows(Insurance Commissioner), independent Escrows(BDO), and non-independent broker owned escrows(BRE). De Anza Escrow falls under the E & O insurance umbrella of Inland Equities, Inc. (dba Realty Executives - Riverside). Our senior escrow officer, Raquel Bauer, has agreed to service the Woodsprings Suites Escrow personally and exclusively. Woodsprings Suites Representatives and Agentswill never have to talk to anyone else when calling Escrow.

Dave said, our Attorneys are going to call, "conflict of interest." Of course, anyone would, but not when you have a thorough understanding of California Real Estate Law. We are the most litigious State in the Country, the land of Fruits and Nuts, the largest insane asylum in the universe; and way over regulated. This is someone, slightly to the right of Atilla saying, 'maybe that is good sometimes.'We all know, "Escrow is a Third, Uninterested Party, etc., etc." Our Escrow Company is regulated by the California Bureau of Real Estate; a bunch of cantankerous, hard-shelled, the letter of the law bureaucrats --- that is to your advantage. Also to your advantage, most Escrow Officers would never do anything to disgruntle a client. They would never bend, stretch, or twist the Real Estate Law to a fraction of a point where it might jeapordise their license. It is customary and traditional to allow the ListingBroker Choice of services.

As "Realtors," in no matter what state we work, weare pledged to a code of Ethics that demands fair, equal, and a high standard of service to all. As the Listing Agent, I have fiduciary responsibilities to the Buyer as well as my relationship to the Seller. I am only putting Woodsprings Suites in a position that will make life easier for them through the entire Escrow period.